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Remember The Original Varsity! Screw the Oklahoman!

Last night, while reading the Oklahoma Gazette, I noticed a buried blurb that mentioned The Original Varsity Sports Grill on NW63rd and Western is closed. This sucks, because The Original Varsity was pretty much the best sports bar in Oklahoma City. For the last 6-years, a group of friends and I would gather at its doors at 10:30am on the first day of March Madness to secure a prime spot in the TV pit. We'd then drink a ton a beer, eat too many nachos (you could add spicy chicken at no charge) and watch basketball all afternoon and evening. They even had an Elk Hunter game. Now those happy days are gone!

I, as an astute and gracious individual, can think of no better way to honor The Original Varsity than by voting it as "Best Sports Bar" in the Oklahoman's Reader's Choice Awards. Think of how great this would be! Oklahoma's most read and most horrible newspaper would have to honor a closed restaurant in one of its Reader's Choice categories!

Maybe next year, instead of trying to rig the Oklahoma Gazette's Best of OKC publication, we should focus on destroying the Oklahoman's Reader's Choice Awards. Everyone hates the Oklahoman, so getting participation from the entire Oklahoma City web community (including should be easy. Of course, when you look at some of the categories and their choices (AOL makes an appearance as the "Best Internet Provider", Parasite Turner Falls is a choice for "Best Tourist Attrraction"), you have to wonder if the thing is already rigged. Maybe Ed Kelly, Jenni Carlson (or even the Oklahoman's Ass Pub) can tell us.

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