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The Oklahoma Gazette is on notice

The Oklahoma Gazette has long been among my favorite reading materials. For one thing, anything looks good in comparison to the Oklahoman. And really, where else can you find a publication that provides commentary on current events, reviews of local bands, and advertisements for prostitutes escort services?

But it seems the Gazette has not moved forward with the times. They opened nominations for their annual "Best of OKC" survey this week, and we here at The Lost Ogle were shocked and saddened to see that there is no category for "Best New Web Site." With that in mind, we really wanted to teach the Gazette a lesson. Unfortunately, it's pretty short notice and we're really lazy. Next year, however, there must be a category for "Best New Web Site." Actually, it should probably be "Best Web Site," or, even better for us "Best Second Year Web Site." If the Gazette does not include one of these categories next year, we will incite the entire local web community to rig the "Best of OKC" survey. And believe me, you don't want to get the folks over at The Innerwebs upset. That'll get ugly.

Consider yourself warned, Oklahoma Gazette. Add a "Best Web Site" category to your survey next year, or face hundreds (thousands? millions? dozens?) of people sending in the answers you see after the jump.

People and Places:

1. Best Politician:

Carrol Fisher

2. Best Radio Personality or Team:

James Hale and Bob Barry Jr.

3. Best TV Personality Hairdo:

Kelly Ogle

5. Best Waiter

Jenny, Applebee's

6. Best Bartender

John, Chili's

7. Best Chef

Manuel Hernandez, Chelino's

8. Best Romantic Hotel

Habana Inn

9. Best Place for a First Date

Night Trips

10. Best Place for a Last Date

Night Trips

11. Best Spot to Scope out Hotties


12. Best Hippie Hang Out:

Bank of Oklahoma

13. Best Place to have a spiritual encounter

Mathis Brothers

14. Best Historic Landmark

Walgreens, 50th and May

Arts & Entertainment:

15. Best Dance Club:


16. Best Place to see a Concert:

Diamond Ball Room

18. Best Gay or Lesbian Bar

Baker's Street

19. Best Neighborhood Bar

Booger Reds

20. Best Jukebox

The Electro Lounge

21. Best Casino

74th & S. Santa Fe Quick-E-Mart

23. Best Tourist Attraction

Bass Pro Shops

24. Best Weekend Getaway within Oklahoma

Del City

25. Best Festival or Annual Event

OETA Festival

29. Best Kid Friendly Restaurant

Henry Hudson's

Food and Drink:

27. Best Upscale Restaurant


30. Best Cheap Eats

Boulevard Steakhouse

31: Best After-Hours Dining:

Taco Bell

34. Best Chain Restaurant:

Fire Mountain

37. Best European Restaurant:


43. Best Steaks

Cimarron Steak House

46. Best Pizza

Pizza House

49. Best Signature Drink

"The Suicide", all Little League Baseball, Soccer and Football facilities

52. Best Women's Clothing

Lane Bryant

53. Best Men's Clothing

Neighborhood Thrift

57. Best Boutique Gift Shop


60. Best Place to Buy Artwork

Hobby Lobby

62. Best Place to Buy Antiques

Super Pawn

64. Best Music Store


71. Best Hair Salon

Super Cuts

73: Best Yoga, Pilate's or Fitness Center

Bethany YMCA

74. Best Dentist

Dental Depot

75. Best Bank:



80. Best Restaurant/Club Restroom

Hawaiian Don's (10th street)

82. Best Change in Oklahoma City this Year:

The new and improved

83. Best way to Get Cool People to Stay in or move to OK?

Amy Mcree's Pink Bikini

84. Best Category for next year's Best of OKC?


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