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An open letter to Amy McRee and Maggie Carlo

Dear Amy McRee and Maggie Carlo,

First of all, will you marry me? If the answer to this question from either of you is "yes," you are more than welcome to stop reading now.

I wanted to say that I've been reading both of your respective blogs. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I do have a few suggestions that I think may help your blog a little bit.

I understand that both of you have similar themes that you write about. Amy's is "Your Life...Your World," while Maggie's is "What Matters To You." This is all well and good, and I'm sure you both have provided some excellent tips, but I have to say that your blogs read just a little bit like my spam e-mail folder. It's sort of hard to capture people's attention when every post is simply a link to some product or web site with your endorsement. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure these are all wonderful products, but think about what a powerful tool a blog is! Don't be afraid to add a few other things to your posts.

For instance, many people have used their blogs to raise awareness of some very important world issue, like Darfur, or the war in Iraq. Don't be afraid to tackle the big issues and do something very meaningful with your blog, like writing an open letter to two local news anchors!

Sometimes it's nice to share a personal experience. We can all relate to those funny, poignant, and sometimes downright wacky things that make this country a great place to live! Obviously you don't want to reveal too many details about yourself, but those personal touches can bring readers back time and time again. Maybe you recently ran into a former schoolmate you hadn't seen in years? Perhaps you saw a great band play for the first time? Maybe you got arrested in a bank robbery years ago? These are all excellent topics that help keep the reader captivated.

Or, you could spread gossip about your respective workplaces. Does Kelly Ogle walk around just randomly offering to give his two cents to anyone that will listen? Does Rick Mitchell ever go into a blind rage of jealousy because of the popularity of Gary England? These kinds of things are very interesting, and while they would likely make you very unpopular at work (and possibly lead to your unemployment), I would personally be very grateful for these sorts of tidbits.

In any event, best of luck with your blogs. I will remain be a loyal reader.


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