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Memorial Day Countdown: Top 5 Oklahoma Commercial Songs

Pink Floyd fans rejoice! This weekend, classic rock radio stations from throughout the country are airing their "Top 500 Classic Rock Songs of All Time" countdown. If you're like me, you can only tolerate so much Rolling Stones and late Beatles stuff. That's why I've created my own massive and controversial "best of" music countdown, complete with one YouTube clip and some inaccurate lyrics. So here we go, the "Top 5 Oklahoma Commercial Songs of All Time":

Number 5: Brad Henry for Governor (2002)
I'm not sure why, but some people think that Brad Henry's 2002 radio commercial and Barry Switzer's endorsement is what got him the Governor's office. I think it was a guy named Steve Largent. Anyway, if some people think that a song repeating "Brad Henry" 5,000 times got a guy elected governor, it probably belongs in the top 5.

Number 4: "Taco Mayo Me Baby"
Remember this one? Some hillbilly cowboy singing a country tune about what Taco Mayo items he orders on different days of the week, and then bellowing out "Taco Mayo Me Baby?" For some reason, I think this cowboy is a real person, and he is single-handedly keeping all Taco Mayo stores in business. Seriously. When is the last time you had Taco Mayo?

Number 3: BC Clark Anniversary Sale

This song seems to be the obvious number one, but it's not. Sure, we all know the words. And when we see it for the first time in December, we all get little Goosebumps. But the song has become almost too popular, and BC Clark never shows the old commercial. They'll now either brag about how popular the song is, or show customers singing the song. Plus, it has the line "Jewelry is the gift to give, because it is the gift that will live and live." Trust me. I'm learning that's not very accurate.

Number 2: Don't Lay that Trash on Oklahoma
This commercial ran non-stop in the late 80s during afternoon cartoons, and for some reason, I think it worked. I rarely, if ever, litter, and now keep all trash piled high in my car. Thank you the State of Oklahoma and Ackerman-McQueen for keeping our state (and not my car) beautiful.

Number 1: Paul Meade Insurance:
I'm pretty sure it goes:

"Protecting everything you own,
like cars and trucks and mobile homes,
accidents or tickets, too,
call and we'll take care of you...

If you were singing along, we just connected. If you weren't, you are probably at the wrong website.

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