Kirk Humphreys has archaic “beliefs” about women, too.

It’s about time for Kirk Humphreys to draft another non-apology apology.

Last night, an Ogle Mole sent us numerous undated audio clips of embattled homophobe Kirk Humphreys sharing draconian, misogynistic beliefs about women and their role in society. The release of the clips conveniently comes on the same day that Humphreys is to be seated, again, to the John Rex Elementary School Board.

Most of the audio appears to be taken from Christian-based workshops and seminars found at – the “online source for the very best in Christian discipleship training resources.”

For example, check out this clip where Kirk talks about the roles that God intended for men and women at home and in the workplace. They’ll make any old, out-of-touch, insecure, judgmental father from Bethany proud:

James Lankford is “disappointed” in our shithole president…

Late in 2016, a month or so after Trump won the election, we published the transcript of a secret conference call between Oklahoma Senator James Lankford and various members of the Oklahoma ruling class. In it, he expressed some of his valid worries and concerns about The Donald.

About a week later, News 9 picked up on the story that they found in an “online tabloid” and filed their own report. Lankford then issued the following tweet:

Well, I guess the local for-profit news media isn’t the only thing that “disappoints” the former church camp director. Check out the statement he issued following Trump’s infamous “shit hole” comments:

Jesus was arrested for breaking into a church!

With some Oklahoma churches sporting the anti-LGBT agenda, places of worship in our state are often associated with bigotry and non-acceptance. Still, you would think the one person Oklahoma Christians should be accepting of is Jesus. I guess not even he is allowed into God’s house.

On Monday, Jesus took a break from telling you not to masturbate by breaking into a church.

Via FOX25…

10 Hottest Sheriffs in Oklahoma

A few weeks ago, I received the following email in the Ogle in-box. It came from an anonymous address. Everything is [sic]:

Read article about OSA and ABerdeen collections. Agree with you what you say, but be careful if I were you. Sheriffs are vindicitive bunch. They’ll get even. Research what happened to Kyle Loveless.

Unlike Kyle Loveless, I don’t have anything to hide and, for the most part, I’m a decent law-abiding citizen. That being said, the paranoid reader does have a good point. Oklahoma sheriffs don’t have the best track record when it comes to ethics and professionalism, and some of them do seem like a “vindicitive” bunch.

As a result, I’m not going to write a snarky article about how they continue to abuse civil asset forfeiture laws, or how the Oklahoma Sheriffs Association is now subject to openness laws, or once again, how they help extort and ruin the lives of fellow Oklahomans.

Instead, I’m going to go with flattery and rank the 10 hottest Oklahoma sheriffs. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it and it will help get me out of ticket someday. Check it out:

10. Shane Booth – Ellis County

Often seen riding the plains with his blue ox Babe, Shane Booth is one of the most popular sheriffs in Oklahoma. In fact, according to the OSA website, he’s been in office since 1970! That’s nearly 47 years of public service to the citizens of Ellis County.

9. Jeremie Wilson – Jefferson County

Hailing from the southern Oklahoma town of Waurika, Jeremie combines the squirmy good looks of telephone line repairman with a tile contractor who left the job unfinished. He’s so hot he’ll make a radar gun short-circuit.