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Lost Ogle Show: Layne w/ Diary of a Blue Dot

10:31 AM EDT on July 14, 2022

We were honored and happy to welcome Oklahoma political "influencer" Layne Stansberry to a recent recording of The Lost Ogle Show presented by Patricia's.

Layne's the face behind the "Diary of a Blue Dot" Tik-Tok account. Over the past couple of months, they've gained a following of over 45,000 people, and their quick-hitting videos on Oklahoma news, politics, and activism have received millions of views.

In a roundabout conversation, we talked about the path Layne took to becoming a "woke" Oklahoma political content producer, how they practice their craft, and what it's like to be an Oklahoma Internet celebrity. We also spent a lot of time discussing whether or not The Lost Ogle should take the Tik-Tok plunge. Check it out below:

I'd like to thank Layne for coming on the program, Patricia's for sponsoring it, and Randy "Mile High" Mitchell for producing it.

As always, you can download, stream and subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold, and traded.

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