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Ogle Madness VIII: Midwest Region (Lower Bracket)

Okay, it’s time for the rest of the Midwest region. I’m actually writing this intro Monday afternoon, and SON OF A BITCH I just read Serge Ibaka needs surgery, so hopefully nothing else horrible has happened to the Thunder on the injury front. Is there any way we can blame PJ Carliesemo for these injury […]

Your 2013 Guide to the Thunder’s Draft Prospects, as Players and as Men

Hello again, Thunder fans! Today we take a look at the NBA Draft, where we all pretend like we still watch college basketball before March. Or knew who Rudy Gobert was before we decided to take a quick glance at our favorite mock. However, today’s preview won’t consist solely of hardcore analysis. We’ll touch on […]

The Best Performances By Thunder Injury Replacements

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry. It’s been another fantastic week, and no one can deny that. The Thunder have swept all four of their games, including revenge in Minnesota, another pounding of the Lakers, squeaking by Portland at home with some late defense, and a KD-Russ scorefest against Phoenix. But those wins have been […]

How Does the Thunder Take the Next Step?

With a week to reflect after losing the Western Conference Finals, it seems that most Thunder fans have returned to reality. There is still disappointment of failing to capitalize on the opportunity (particularly since the team was just as close to winning 4 games to 1 as they were losing by that margin), but it […]

Go Green…No Really, Go

NBA analysts are all euphoric in regards to the major trades consummated by Thunder General Manager Sam Presti just before yesterday’s trade deadline. “The Thunder’s trades for Kendrick Perkins and Nazr Mohammed basically put the finishing touches on a rebuilding project that began in Seattle in June of 2007, adding the low-post defense and interior […]